Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I remember when we met first
Under a shed in a rainy day
Bus came and hauls in front
You slipped and I hold your hand

Your soft and warm hand energize me
Like current flows through body
In that chilling weather you summarize
I had a glance of yours and vaporize

We become good friends
Exchanged our numbers
Had coffee and travel together
Come closer within short time

We fixed out date to meet one day
I had every arrangement done
You came with a freshness of smile
I hugged you polite and sublime

We talked a lot about each other
Holding hands and kisses
Then I took you in my bed
To let soft fingers spread

I shiver with your touch
Pulling you more closer
Warm hands doing its part
I pray to god, don’t make us apart

As your warm fingers reaching every part
My cold body becomes excited so far
Our love and excitement reaches peak
Souls on fire do it quick.


Looking outside to see the beauty
She even don’t know
How beautiful is she

She does not know
How many people want her
To be with her and feel her

Everyone die to talk to her
Just to listen her soft, melodious voice

She is amazing with perfect beauty
No one can stop looking at her
Her charm is what attracts the more
Hope one day I can feel and touch close

Her smile is what everyone need
She can put life in dead human being

I know she has lot of pain inside
But she hardly disclose to anyone outside
She also has desires to fulfill
Only god knows when to fill it

She is very pure by heart
With clear mind and thinking
I can only pray for her
Hope she excels in her dream

She can says everything
With her mouth closed
Her eyes is sufficient
To speak proficient

I love her from my core of heart
But have to restrict myself
She does not belongs to me
As she is a princess deep from sea

I can only admire her beauty
Which she play with silently
She has my heart filled with love
Hope one day in dream I can pursue her

She is very red in colour
So soft and tender
I only wish to look at her
When she smiles so gentle
Her pretty eyes so determined
Her body is filled with magic
Everyone is so crazy
Just to get a glimpse hazy

She can give you good advice
Very useful indeed
I can only love her
This is what I swear

Her lips are so calm
Want to say millions things
I love her cute nose
This is short and stout
I love to touch it
With mine every time

She has beautiful teeth
I like to bitten by it
Hope I get imprints of her teeth
On my body’s every piece

I like to hug her tight
To joint her broken pieces altogether
I know she cannot resist me
Kissing and licking all night

My eyes don’t get tired
To see her pretty face
She is so amazing

My words comes short for praising.


It was long time ago when I saw you
You were so little and cute
Soft finger and delicate skin
Brown was your body and face

Every time I saw you
You crave to come closer
Whenever I touch you
You burst with flavour

Now it’s almost 5 years
We never met once
I can only imagine
How beautiful you become

Long black hairs
Well-trimmed body
Elegance in voice
Attitude by choice

May be you will not recognize me
But I still have your smiling face
Your heart is always glowing
I know you will be mind blowing.


My heart is so heavy
How I will carry?
Throughout my life
It’s sinking deep
How it will keep?

It weeps loud
But has to work
To keep me alive
I know his pain
Deep inside

But cannot help
To comfort him
I told him
To leave me
He insist to beat

It becomes black
Rhythm becomes slow
Blood flow almost ceased
All it need is greased

Walking with heavy foot
Down by lane
Having no mercy
Surrounded by grieve.


Your two luscious flaps
With juice dripping all time
Calling me to have a taste
But I am not in haste

How soft thee can be?
I want to feel with mine
Just come closer my love
I want to purify

When they closed, they seems mysterious
Wanting to grab something cold and sizzling
When the tongue comes out to give the pleasure
To make the lips wet and time for leisure

The curves on your lips
Saying me don’t go
How I will flow through that
As it’s a mesmerized trap

How delicious thee can be?
Wants a bite to flee
Take your time and kiss me all over
 As god make them much softer.


I don’t know how to feel or express it
It’s just the action which I have taken
For the betterment of myself
That only grows in my health

I have many hopes indulge with this
Let’s see how many colours it shows
Full expectation as I grow with
Never so excited before

I put my foot forward
To lead the way by myself
Enlighten inside, ready to glow
Dancing and exuberant flow

All prepared to find out
What’s made me robust?
I dig myself at every inch
To get sophisticated pinch

Radiating my energy full
No sorrow left behind
How excited I am
Flying with such a wham.

Sunday, 27 April 2014


Now I am dried up
Where to go, what to search
My quest of life
Everything is just dried up!

You take away my happiness
You take away my desire
You left me all alone by myself
Where nothing comes to me
Neither goes out
Cuz I am dried up!

Now flowers do not give me happiness
Any good memories don’t make me laugh
Even rain cannot hide my tears
I keep shivering in pain!

You left me with nothing
You left me with no heart
Nothing to feel
Nowhere to go
Just a dead, motionless heart!

I want to revive my feelings
Want to live again
Want to enjoy the life
Want to be with you!


You came into my life like a breath of fresh air
Energy and precipitation united together
Never spent a moment without thinking of you
Because you are everywhere, here and there

Allow me enter your life
Slowly but steadily
I will fulfil your life comfortably
Always beside you
When you open your eyes

I will amalgamate your thinking
With positivity and expression
Your touch has the power
To keep us together

Imagine our life
Alongside a pool
Observing, listening to minute things
Full of conversation and devotion
We belong together.

Saturday, 26 April 2014


Dusk hastens in
With the quick setting sun
My heart rate increases
With the knowledge of our meeting

We held each other’s hand
In a sweetly playful way
Just then something
Crosses my line of vision

I lift your chin
With my hands
Intensely looking
Deep into your eyes
As we fall in love
All over again

You kissed me gently
With your sweet red lips
I felt awakened
Like a blossom

There we stayed
Enjoying the setting sun
The arms of dusk
quiet the world around us

I can feel your emotions
Running so high
You desire my embrace
Full of passion and strength

My breathing quickens
As I hug you tight
I cannot control myself
To kiss you ravenously

Our spirits are aroused
Cannot hide our passion
clinging to our love
As its all set on fire

I kissed you from head to foot
Feeling you, exploring you
The sensation
Beyond imagination

Your beautiful body
Amazing to behold
Cannot hold on
Just have to watch

You never felt me so special
As I was never so close before
Our breathing audible
And never calms down

I fondle your soft hairs
Soothing your mind
There is no better feeling than
Being close to you

Our temperature rises
As we indulge in love
Rhythmic flow is set
Until it reaches its peak
We express ourselves
Until we sweat

I touched your heart with compassion
Romance filled our hearts and minds
It’s not just the mixing of bodies
It’s souls playing their part

Your body fragrance, so amazing
I cannot stop smelling
Never allow you to take a breath swiftly
As we both were perfectly steady

Our body heat is enough to keep us warm
As our arms and legs entwined
I don’t want to leave you
Because my love making is not over

We stick together for a long time
Until our excitement rests
We kissed each other passionately
One full last kiss

Then we lay on the grass
Gazing at the moon and stars
And saying nothing
Just holding hands and
Relishing in the priceless moment
We spent together

I never want to lose you
You are my life
You will be there

Always and forever.

Friday, 25 April 2014


Raised are the sons

But it's the daughters who emerge

Pampered are the sons

But it's the daughters who flourish

Sons are motivated to climb a mountain

But it's the daughters who makes it to the top

Sons would torment and torture

But it's the daughters who takes the pain

Sons would bring instability

But it's the daughters who make things stable

Expectations are always from a son

But it's the daughters who make things happen

Sons have the right to live

But it's the daughters who are killed!!!

(Don't kill daughters)


It’s a secluded place
Under a tree
With green grasses all over
What a beautiful make-over

Having many flowers and trees
I sit there for hours
Entwined my emotions
And put it over there

It’s a great company
To relax and feel free
Calm breeze flowing all time
Throughout day and night

I love to sit there without any tension
Tiredness gone within minute
Calmness and positive vibe fill the place

Nothing is beautiful than living in grace.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014


People say I’m crazy
Because they find me hazy

I have something strange in my mind
Cannot settle this time
Something bites me
Like molten lava within me

I need to know the reason behind every query
Because solution is better than theory
No matter how much time it takes
I am always ready to discover

Friends are often jealous of me
Pull my leg every time I spree
My girlfriend encourage that
Though I love her more than my cat

I help my friends finding solutions
My reward is satisfaction
I never tire of questions

This is my lone confession.


Check yourself and tell your intention
Your mind speaks other than attention
Go around and find a path
This can prevent you from wrath

Stones are in deep sea
Immersed with pleasure
Hold your breath and count
You will no longer found

Pretty face glowing radiantly
Make your eye contact
And feel the thunder
You don’t need to wonder

Something is invisible
From millions years
Don’t track a record
As it is beyond your store

Just close your eyes
Let the wind flow
Keep silent in mind

And let the nature glow.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Look around in delight
Everything is in flight
Joy and merriment fill this space
We find it all in one place

So neat and clean our surrounding is
Properly created and fitted
Gardens bloomed and well-trimmed
Every face with smiles is brimmed

Roads in symmetry
Playgrounds full
Everyone is social
With cultivated emotional

On holidays
The churches are full
With amen and best wishes
And treat each other with delicious dishes

Rain appears but quickly disperses
So much warmth and best wishes
Laws and regulations are strict
Everyone is hand picked

I know my town is full of love
Rich in prosperity from god above.


As I walk at the morning,
Dew drops fall on my face
Wants to love me with her soft and delicate touch
Wants to love me with her coldness

Then after walking a while
I saw 2 little puppies sucking mother’s nipple
They ran after me in a playful way
They love to chase me

While passing under a tree
Leaves shed on me in a wintry day
With shiver and joy I let it happen
To feel the excitement explode

Students were waiting for their bus
Gossiping and discussing in a freeway
Looking and observing things nearby
Bus released a gush of smoke and vanishes

In the sky, I saw two little cute birds
Racing against each other
Up and down, left and right
In a hurried way

Suddenly thunder strike
Everyone ran for shelter
I was fearless walking all alone
Like I am the king of that place

After some time rain started
It was water all over
I jumped into the water and have fun
I fell into water, even then I enjoyed

Then I saw one young couple
In arms of each other
Kissing each other
I wish you were here to kiss me.


After the storm
It’s calm and clear
Nothing to worry about
Nothing to fear

Silence is dominant
And freshness is prominent

Leaves dancing full
Birds singing sweet
Melodies swinging
My foot taps the beat

Water dropping from above
Sounds echo around
Footprints on earth so fresh
Lay them down with earthly sound

Skies are clear
Life is visible
Sun reaches places

Shadows invisible.


You are only mine From the day i saw you My heart is restive To see you obsessive Your gaze is what i need To make me st...