Thursday, 29 May 2014


 I always saw you standing near
In the Morning Prayer line
I never saw you smiling and talking
My eyes never get tired of stalking

Your innocent face attracts me the most
So calm and pretty was you contour
I wanted to talk to you the most
But never had courage to stay close

I wanted to marry you for life
And see you smiling face
But I was insane then
Thinking all, at that age was a crime

But I always adored your charm
You were so bright and firm
I never met after that
As I changed my school hat

It was 20years ago
Now I don’t have any idea, what you look like?
I guess you are more beautiful than my imagination
After so many years of transformation.

Monday, 12 May 2014


Long way to go
Tire is not the show
Pack your heart
Don’t allow to fall

As thirsty you are
Foot replying easy
Grasses are hopeful
Don’t let the water fall

Keep your head high
Fight the lonely boy
Follow your blood rhythm
You will no longer hide

Collect every clue nearby
This is a sign to fortify
Make a decision by own
With mind open grown.


Is that you?
The guy I met before
At railway platform
Thinking about you in dorm

You were so generous
And kind in nature
Offered me drink
Now I am finding link

I fell in love with you
On our first sight
Promised my mind
To search you until find

But we never met after that
Searched everywhere
Called your number
And ever visit your address
You gave me all wrong

What was your intention?
You are such a beautiful illusion
Make me fall in love
Like bird dove

You are no one real in this world
Only a face with no heart at all
Your touch revive my inner desire
Now tell, how can I extinguish my fire?

I can still feel the warmth of your lips
Which get impregnated by your kiss
I will never let you go
Wait for a while and let it grow

I am ready to do anything for you
Just come once again
You already in my heart
Reside and I will never let you apart.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


How heartless you become
Leave me with nothing to repair
I don’t have anything except you
You took away memories through

How I will survive now
There is no other option
Multiplying every time
My grief and pain

At least give me my memories
To survive with
To let my heart beat
By providing me a sheet

I don’t want anything
Except your mercy
You live happy with your new

Please forsake me with few.


Is it normal to suffer in pain?
Is it formal to be insane?
Falling from horseback
Broken nose siting lack

Emotional River flows inside me
Where it ends is a mystery
Picking flower dry my pain
Going through hard disdain

Leaving alone to suffer
Strength seems lacking power
Hatred overpowers me
Legs ask pardon me

Sympathy grows full
Nowhere to proof
Pillow becomes flat
Placid grapes is not a stat

Balloons lost its elasticity
Dilemma continues over fidelity
Madness grabs over mind
Hemorrhage gives no respite

Breathing becomes foul
Diary lost in howl
Roaster dies in field
Pain resides in

Steams comes from the engine
And vanishes into vast sky
Does my pain has excuse

To remain forever in mine.

Friday, 2 May 2014


You promised
To stay beside me
Throughout my life

You promised
To share my pain
My sufferings

You promised
To always help me
In my despair

You promised
To show me the way
In deepest trouble

But you left me
To face it all alone
By make false promises
To fulfill your desires
To get the satisfaction

And left me in desert
Without single drop
Of water
To die thirsty
And eaten by vulture

You traitor
Never loved me
Only used me
For selfish mean

But I never going to forget

False promises made by you.


I was just sitting in a park
Snow was falling all over
Just then something arouse me
It was none other than your see

Light was very dim
But I anticipate that was you
Walking slowly towards me
You were such a beauty

Eyes were fixed to get a look
You were holding an umbrella
Which causing restriction
But you are my addiction

I watch how elegant you walk
Like a model on ramp
Crossing your legs swiftly
And waving hip perfectly

Sometimes I feel incomplete I have so many questions
But in your arms are my answers
Being silent hurts the most
Melt me with your love I am frost

But I need to say what’s on my mind
I spent many nights without sleep
You are constantly in my thoughts
As I stay day dreaming

I close my eyes just to dream of you
I love you so much but I feel us separating slowly
Even though there is a flame
This can still keep our love in frame.


I woke up early in the morning
As my heart calling to search out
It was still dark outside
I wore my coat and walk out

Blurred vision still opening my eyes
Walking slow and steady to gaze
A defined path leads me to a place

I can still see owls on branches
Quietly & curiously looking at me
I don’t want to disturb them
So leave them unsounded

Slightest noise pulls my attention
I then notice without any hesitation
Saw a snake crawling over branches
And suddenly fall on my chest

I was unmoved and still
Let the snake do his skill
He was hissing so loud
Like my breath comes out

It was so dark in colour
Playing hide and seek altogether
I feel her coldness inside me
Want to hold forever to see.

Thursday, 1 May 2014


I must say everyone should fall in love
It’s so amazing to float in love
This only takes us higher and higher
And feel the vibration and energy flier

From early morning, till sleep
We give and pass so much love
Just a good morning from love makes our day
This passes away without any say

We keep growing the love for our lover
This reaches to highest peak forever
Voice become as sweet as honey
You cannot buy in money

Her slightest presence can make you awake
Keep calling her by name not fake
Talk to her in her low
She will put you up when slow

Match with her foot while walking
And give smile whenever she applauding
There is no greater joy then with her
Hold and help her to know better

Amuse the feeling of love when you sit alone
That will make you happy and you no longer moan
Keep calm and look into her eyes
She can make you swim in her vast skies

She has her own logic to defend
Don’t disappoint her friend
Just do for her sake of beauty
The heaven door will open only by her key.


It was Sunday morning, when my alarm rung
I was lost in a beautiful dream with my love
But had to open my eyes to the real world
Cuz today it’s going to be exciting and full of fun

We five best friends contact each other
Get ready to meet at Naive point
I was alone, I mean without any girlfriend
As two of my friends have their possession
But as I always love nature so it does not matter
I never miss a chance to meet my beloved nature
Who always give me peace and tranquillity in mind

I packed sandwiches, burger and biscuits
Having water bottle intact
In a hurry I neglected to collect matchstick
My friends arranged chicken with cashew nut stuffing

There we go
I wandered behind
I love to see the trail or
May be just afraid to see what’s coming from ahead
I open my mind to the freshness of nature

After reaching the spot, it’s time to roast chicken
We all collected branches and twigs
I slipped once and was on my bum
But I don’t felt any pain as it was like my beloved hold me
But I was busy clicking pictures of Mother Nature
I was such lost in the nature that an ant bites me then only I came to conscious
Anyways we played games, songs
I just cannot take my mind from the beauty surrounding us
Then I strike a stone to a stone to ignite a spark
To spark ignited together to make a huge fire

Even at night whilst in my tent
I continued to think about it
But the smooch sound does not allowed me to think of my beloved
I went outside and gazed upon the beautiful moon in the sky
He gave me a gentle smile as I returned it back
I can’t recall when I fell asleep outside
As my beloved whispered me to sleep with a gentle kiss on my forehead

With beautiful memories I eased into slumber.


There is nothing more joyful
Then standing in the field
And watching crop grow
So pristine and flow

Birds sprawling all over
Noises so sweet
Heart singing with them
Rejoice and refilled

Flower dance with me
Soil smells beautiful
Winds creates rhythm
This is all so powerful

Heart is filled with joy and merriment
I keep singing with full excitement  
Forget to return back home

As I fall asleep in mid field alone.


I kept something inside box
To keep it safe and secure
Forget to take it out in time
Now it’s vanish and disappear

I kept weeping for my foolishness
For not get a trick in time

By the way the box was locked
Who dared to touch her?
That has something hot inside
I guess it burnt the fingers
Whoever dared to touched her

I searched my friend’s fingers
But disappointed to find nothing
I did suspicious everyone
All shows clean chit

Then after scrutiny
I noticed it was exchanged
They played with my patience
Placed another one with mine

But still question remain the same
Who dared to touch my frame?

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I remember when we met first
Under a shed in a rainy day
Bus came and hauls in front
You slipped and I hold your hand

Your soft and warm hand energize me
Like current flows through body
In that chilling weather you summarize
I had a glance of yours and vaporize

We become good friends
Exchanged our numbers
Had coffee and travel together
Come closer within short time

We fixed out date to meet one day
I had every arrangement done
You came with a freshness of smile
I hugged you polite and sublime

We talked a lot about each other
Holding hands and kisses
Then I took you in my bed
To let soft fingers spread

I shiver with your touch
Pulling you more closer
Warm hands doing its part
I pray to god, don’t make us apart

As your warm fingers reaching every part
My cold body becomes excited so far
Our love and excitement reaches peak
Souls on fire do it quick.


Looking outside to see the beauty
She even don’t know
How beautiful is she

She does not know
How many people want her
To be with her and feel her

Everyone die to talk to her
Just to listen her soft, melodious voice

She is amazing with perfect beauty
No one can stop looking at her
Her charm is what attracts the more
Hope one day I can feel and touch close

Her smile is what everyone need
She can put life in dead human being

I know she has lot of pain inside
But she hardly disclose to anyone outside
She also has desires to fulfill
Only god knows when to fill it

She is very pure by heart
With clear mind and thinking
I can only pray for her
Hope she excels in her dream

She can says everything
With her mouth closed
Her eyes is sufficient
To speak proficient

I love her from my core of heart
But have to restrict myself
She does not belongs to me
As she is a princess deep from sea

I can only admire her beauty
Which she play with silently
She has my heart filled with love
Hope one day in dream I can pursue her

She is very red in colour
So soft and tender
I only wish to look at her
When she smiles so gentle
Her pretty eyes so determined
Her body is filled with magic
Everyone is so crazy
Just to get a glimpse hazy

She can give you good advice
Very useful indeed
I can only love her
This is what I swear

Her lips are so calm
Want to say millions things
I love her cute nose
This is short and stout
I love to touch it
With mine every time

She has beautiful teeth
I like to bitten by it
Hope I get imprints of her teeth
On my body’s every piece

I like to hug her tight
To joint her broken pieces altogether
I know she cannot resist me
Kissing and licking all night

My eyes don’t get tired
To see her pretty face
She is so amazing

My words comes short for praising.


It was long time ago when I saw you
You were so little and cute
Soft finger and delicate skin
Brown was your body and face

Every time I saw you
You crave to come closer
Whenever I touch you
You burst with flavour

Now it’s almost 5 years
We never met once
I can only imagine
How beautiful you become

Long black hairs
Well-trimmed body
Elegance in voice
Attitude by choice

May be you will not recognize me
But I still have your smiling face
Your heart is always glowing
I know you will be mind blowing.


My heart is so heavy
How I will carry?
Throughout my life
It’s sinking deep
How it will keep?

It weeps loud
But has to work
To keep me alive
I know his pain
Deep inside

But cannot help
To comfort him
I told him
To leave me
He insist to beat

It becomes black
Rhythm becomes slow
Blood flow almost ceased
All it need is greased

Walking with heavy foot
Down by lane
Having no mercy
Surrounded by grieve.


Your two luscious flaps
With juice dripping all time
Calling me to have a taste
But I am not in haste

How soft thee can be?
I want to feel with mine
Just come closer my love
I want to purify

When they closed, they seems mysterious
Wanting to grab something cold and sizzling
When the tongue comes out to give the pleasure
To make the lips wet and time for leisure

The curves on your lips
Saying me don’t go
How I will flow through that
As it’s a mesmerized trap

How delicious thee can be?
Wants a bite to flee
Take your time and kiss me all over
 As god make them much softer.


You are only mine From the day i saw you My heart is restive To see you obsessive Your gaze is what i need To make me st...