Saturday, 20 May 2017


When i entered kitchen 

To pick up my meal
Saw something run so fast
And hide underneath

Curious i take a look
By removing the rag
It flew by shocking me
Closed eyes in repercussion

When opened my eyes 
Found it nowhere
Take a sight of relief
Comes out in disbelieve

Was having my dinner peacefully
Feel some movement behind my back
I jumped and shouted, Help Me!!!
Opened everything in fast

Lucky no one near to see that All
With fear and disgust i turned red
Take out broom and searched
He ran away in lurched


Calm nature with glowing face

Kind heart with pleasant smile 
God help me to find a guy 
Who never kiss in shy 

Wish soft is his voice 

Touch should be arousing 
He will never make me bore 
Till he remains beside 

His faith remains in me 
If any day I come late 
Pull me closer, hold for longer 
As he wants to grow younger

We will take a long walk 
Holding other's hand 
Just appreciating each other 
Fulfilling intense fire of lover

Happy to see him around 
Caring makes our bonding strong
I will take him to another level
That makes our love so special.


Sometimes I want loneliness
For the peace of mind
Just want to sit alone
Without thinking anything else

Looking outside window
Gazing continuously for hours
Mind is still without worrying
Watching every moment peacefully

Noticing minute detail outside
How leaves shaking smoothly
Smiles of childrens playing 
Worries flies without saying

Sunday, 14 May 2017


Teri ada hi kuch hai nirali
Sab dukh sehkar hume palti
Jab jo chaha hume tu deti
Aapne hisse ka khana bhi khilati

Ro ro kar jab bura hal ho jata
Tab tum hume puchkarti aur sehlati
Galo ko chum kar,pyaar jatati
Balo ki sehla kar,hasi le aati

Hume kabhi harne nahi deti
Prerna deti aur hausla badati
Nai nai swadist khane
Sabse pehle hume chakati

School ke liye hume taiyar karti
Neend chod sabse pehle wo uth jati
Aapne jimmedari ko bakhubi sambhalti
Ghar ko bhi wo swarg bana deti

Tyag aur prem ki paribhasa hai tu
Samay se badkar aasha hai tu
Tere age meri ye zindagi kurban
Ek boond dudh ka rahega sada ehsaan

Har waqt tera hi aasra rahe
Aanchal tale sukoon mile
Aashirbad rahe tera hamare upar
To ye zindagi gul se gulzaar ho jaye..

Poem By

Tuesday, 9 May 2017



Imagine all souls respects other
Love remain deep forever
Never tell a lie to get profit
Try every possible means to cut deficit

Always ready to help others
Ready to good things acquire
There is no suspicion in mind
Only prosperity and growth shined

Mankind is the only solution
Working together for contribution
No racism and hatred reside
Pure intension of love, kindness inside

Will come across every tide
No work remain difficult and hide
Flower will bloom every corner 
There will not even a single mourner

No one remain untouched by purity 
Feelings of friendship, affection with intensity
Everyone listen others carefully 
Without complication happy peacefully

All do good wishes for others
Prayers for everyone in need
Eyes see beauty in others
Peace covers all like feathers.

Poem is Written by Sandeep Chowdhury


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