Monday, 12 June 2017


As we all know India is the largest democracy in the world, India basically is a Hindu populated country. Muslim population consists about 15% of total population i.e. (180 Millions) We used to be a large country which later divided into 3 parts as Pakistan, Bangladesh and India himself. As British people (Divide and Rule policy) divide us based on religion. It was in way back 1947, till then we people hate each other (Muslims hate Hindu’s and vice versa.) We already fought 3 wars among us. Even if you ask today the opinion of Indian people I think majority of people will say they hate Muslims. Even my parents they cannot see them in good eyes for different reasons.  Mainly due to terrorism. As most of the world knows that Pakistan and POK (Pak occupied Kashmir) had terrorist camps from where they get training and spread into different parts of the world. And religious reason is this that We Hindu worship Krishna our supreme god who’s dear is cow, so Muslim people kills them in their festivals and eat. Generally Muslims in India live in very poor conditions and in very dirty way as they pet hen, ducks and goats. Even till now we have reservations for them by the Indian Government in every sector as they are minorities. Have Aligarh Muslim University and 5-10% reservation in government enterprises. It’s pity that they even find it hard to get a rent in Metro cities. And in histories it’s evident that they even kill their parents and brothers to get the throne or the kingdom. So for that reason we generally have hard time to trust them. But I guess this all is changing now due to globalization.

We had A.P.J Abdul Kalam Azad who was our President and is a Muslim, He is my Idol and we all Indian Praise him for his work. He is a scientist (Missile Man) before him also many Muslim resides in prestigious posts. We all love to watch the films of Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan (Both have idol in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum) in UK. Katrina kaif my favourite actress and Saif Ali Khan all are Muslims and ruling the Bollywood.

And my best friend is a Muslim, I must mention his name- one is Abdul Momin and the other is Giyas Uddin Mondal.  Abdul and I only had one year interaction when we studied together in coaching. I was in trouble one year ago, I urgently need 15,000 INR. I just asked for his help and without hesitation he gave his one month salary to me. Till now I have not returned his money fully. I send him 5000 in the month of September and second instalment last week of January. I borrowed this money last July and still I need to pay him 5k. While returning 2nd instalment I said to him, please check your account whether you received it or not, he just said I don’t need to check, you just send that’s all. That’s called friendship he has so much trust on me. I guess we have not met for more than 1 and ½ years. It may be possible that I just embezzle the money and never return him. As he don’t know where I live. Just has my phone number and friendship on fb. But I truly value those who are such. We saw many movies together, the first one was “Sawarriya”  I guess. We even celebrated 31st Dec and meal together and he stayed the night in my house. Just imagine in this modern world where if someone give you 10 INR he thinks when he will return my money and my friend gave me 15,000. Day before yesterday, one of my friends needed some money and he asked me for help as his salary is due later this month. I went there and asked how much? I offered INR 2000, he said No..I just want 500 INR and he thanked me a lot because he may not expect from me, because now a days help is surprising. I said its ok, I also tends toward friends than anyone if I need some help. We were also friends from last 6 months, and I also only have his contact number. So that’s all faith and believes. I have many friends, but I never asked any help from them as I know the answer. They are selfish and mean. When I visited to my friend house Giyas I stayed with him for 2 days and received a great hospitality. So I must say Muslims friends help me more than any Hindu friend of mine.  

We have dispute over Kashmir Issue, that’s why Pakistan send militant in India to kill innocent people.
I remember when I was young about 12-13 years old; our Sanskrit teacher told us why it’s all happening.
Those who are terrorists they are generally illiterate, narrow minded people and unemployed. They all do this for money and religion “Jihad” without understanding the purpose of Islam. They are extremist people who ready to blow away themselves and kill others. And the terror mind easily indulges them in such activities and due to few of them the whole Islam is blasphemy. Because whenever there is terror attack the suspicion goes to terrorist groups and they also take the responsibility for the attack which mostly based in Pak. Like in India when they strike at Taj Hotel, Mumbai (26\11) in year 2008, killing 164 people and wounding at least 308. Ajmal Kasab was caught alive and all others were dead. He belongs to Pakistan. Even Osama Bin Laden who attacked World Trade Centre was killed in Abottabad, Pakistan. After that America tighten the security and imprisoned many Indians and Muslims and people throughout the world in the name of security. They strip search and tease people. They want all facilities to be provided to them as they belong to developed and stronger country. They can spy and tap phone to anyone and no one there to say anything. US is not so clean as we see from outside. They have their own interest in every field.

So for that reason we cannot blame the whole Muslim community, even in Pakistan children live in the shadow of fear they can be killed any time by Taliban. They are not allowed to go to school; you all know what they do to “Malala Yousafzai” so more than us they are seeing the terrorism. Their life is unbearable. Suppose I am illiterate and unemployed, and if someone pay me just $1000 and tell me to transport a parcel or package from Delhi to Mumbai, I will do it for money even I know that it may contain drugs etc or something which is illegal to carry or just for $500. News were there that Kashmiri people are brainwashed and by alluring money they were recruited into terror groups and make them to fight against own people of the country in the name of “Jihad”.  Don’t blame any Muslim for that.  I am Hindu by birth, I can be changed to Muslim it’s not a big deal or may be Christian. It happened when British people ruled India; to increase the population of Christian they convert Millions of Hindu’s to Christian forcefully. So just growing beard you cannot be true Muslim, Islam is one of the tough religion to follow. They do 5 times prayer a day and during ROZA they kept fast for whole 1 month and so many other restrictions to follow.  

What I mean is that terrorism has nothing to do with religion, its global phenomenon. We also have many Muslim countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, U.A.E, Kuwait, Qatar and so many. They have good infrastructure, facilities as like any of the European countries. Their all people are educated and they know the meaning of religion. In no religion it’s written to kill other or harm other, it’s the mentality of the people which they do and heart others for their benefit. India also ruled by hundreds of Muslim rulers in past and they do it effectively. They created Taj Mahal, Lal Quila, Quitub Minar, Gol Gumbaz, hazardwari palace and thousands of things which are the epitome of strength and productivity.

And basically we all are fool, who believe in religion. We all are created by the same god and we selfish people start saying I am Hindu, you are Muslim, and you are Christian etc. We divide ourselves based of color, cast, creed and boundaries. They are also people like us having good hearts and feeling. Lets spread the message of love and peace. So what we need is that we must support each other to remove the blot over our society or on a particular religion. And we must not blame Muslims for terrorism. We must educate and grow hand in hand in doing so and make this world a better, healthy and happiest place to live.

Notion: Whatever I wrote it’s my personal view, I don’t intended to hurt anyone’s feeling. I may be wrong in my points, so don’t take any personal. I don’t differentiate between any religion, cast or country.

                                       Article By Sandeep Chowdhury

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