Monday, 12 June 2017


We human being are full with ego. Once who acquire car, big flat or houses or possess wealth, we develop ego that we have everything we want. We forget that we were one of them. Who just develop into a beautiful human being. Why to hate anyone who is disabled, blind, deaf, dirty, filthy and awful in their look. Why cannot we behave normal as we do with our level of society? They also need love like you do. They also have desire who may be they never fulfill in this life. At least you can console them and be a part in their sorrow.

Have you ever imagined who you are? You are not better than a dustbin, you know why? Just look, what comes out from your eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin and not to mention the lower body part (Which is especially for that purpose) Is something wonderful comes out? “NO” Even dustbin is better than you and our body excrete dirt every time. So why we call ourselves superior, it’s only due to that we have “BRAIN” Does we use our brain for good use? Again answer will be “NO” We are jealous, Hippocratic, liar, cheater, do fraud, break many faith and promises. We don’t have sympathy and respect for each other than hatred. We all want to grow just by pulling others. Everyone wants to see himself on top. No one is ready to compromise. But why? Do they think just by helping other or bowing their head they will be lowered. Now truth doesn’t exist. I guess no one want to tell the truth. Now a days its sin to say truth. We developed from Stone Age to machine age. With this we developed so much but not the humanity. 

Every country is in the race of acquiring hi-tech technologies. Having atomic bombs. Ready to fight with any country. We all people do just show off. Actually nothing to show in a good light. Due to technologies we are now producing babies in tube (In-vitro fertilization), having GM (Genetically Modified) food which affecting our bodies in such a way that we are going to see its side effect very soon. We are now very mush playing with the nature by making roads, huge buildings, tunnels, mining. I know this we all do with the name of development. Just look out the figures how much species of plants and animals we have lost in the past few decades and still losing. The climate is changing so fast that we can only imagine what will be our future in next few decades. Atlantic is melting and due to global warming, everything is reduced like the production of vegetables and plants. 

That’s why we are now depending upon energy drinks, high protein medicines and other supplements which provide instant energy as soon as it reaches to the body. Now we don’t have time to cook food, just eating so much of junk food which only leads to obesity and body full of diseases.

It’s high time to go back to nature, which keep calling us. Everything should be balanced. Even nature does by its own way. He does earthquakes, floods, tsunami, drought etc. So it’s only possible if we remain in harmony with nature in peace and sustainability. And of course by respecting each other :)

                                   Article By Sandeep Chowdhury

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