Friday, 7 March 2014


Would you like to come inside?
See how mighty and deep I am
Full of hope and mystery
Discover now my chemistry

Many come and go
None tried to understand though
That I exist along with you
With this nature and this view

Profound things I have to offer
Do not neglect my intelligence
Rest in peace inside me
But do not disturb my privacy

Strange voices from inside me
No need to fright as I summarize
Light a fire, see my face
As I am ready to race

I promise you solemnly
You will find peace inside of me
Do not let the chance fly away
A million years until this day
Close your eyes and drift away.


Totally green
Velvet to touch
So soft and gentle 
Re-energizes you every time
As it makes contact

Feel the coldness
Beneath us
As it speaks to us

Untamed, wild and grow on its own
With curls and style it signifies
Fresh and delightful to watch
Cannot be bettered a notch

All sorts of life circle flourish beneath
Giving food and shelter as it permits
Encouraging small creatures
To crawl and playing together

Unnoticed and fragile in stature
Truly a gift from Mother Nature
Just sit and pursue it for a while
As it is lush in style

Oh grass I love you like never before
So happy, grateful and ready to explore
The delightful nature of you
Makes me smile come beaming through.


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