Thursday, 1 May 2014


I must say everyone should fall in love
It’s so amazing to float in love
This only takes us higher and higher
And feel the vibration and energy flier

From early morning, till sleep
We give and pass so much love
Just a good morning from love makes our day
This passes away without any say

We keep growing the love for our lover
This reaches to highest peak forever
Voice become as sweet as honey
You cannot buy in money

Her slightest presence can make you awake
Keep calling her by name not fake
Talk to her in her low
She will put you up when slow

Match with her foot while walking
And give smile whenever she applauding
There is no greater joy then with her
Hold and help her to know better

Amuse the feeling of love when you sit alone
That will make you happy and you no longer moan
Keep calm and look into her eyes
She can make you swim in her vast skies

She has her own logic to defend
Don’t disappoint her friend
Just do for her sake of beauty
The heaven door will open only by her key.

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